Crazy Rafting Experience in Yellowstone Park


As the first National Park of the United States and the world, Yellowstone National Park is an American gem that is well-known across the globe. Spanning three states and home to an incredible number of geological wonders, this national park attracts visitors by the millions each year. Hiking, biking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, boating, bird-watching, sightseeing and rafting are some of the amazing activities that can be enjoyed in the area. With several rivers passing through the lands of the park, including the mighty Yellowstone River, white-water rafting is a very enjoyable activity here. Class II, III and IV rapids can be experienced on Yellowstone River, whereas several smaller rapids are also available for the less adventurous visitors. Half-day, full-day and even overnight trips are available. Simply scroll down to know more about rafting in Yellowstone National Park, USA.

1. Adrenaline-packed rafting adventure on Yellowstone River (from CAD 69)

Experience an adrenaline rush as you raft through Class II and III rapids on Yellowstone River under the watch of your expert guide. Take breaks between the rapids to marvel at the amazing scenery of the surrounding Gallatin National Forest and learn about various historic landmarks along the way. You will also get a chance to jump into the river for a short swim. After your exhilarating two-hour rafting adventure, head back to the starting point at Gardiner to purchase pictures and other souvenirs.

2. Scenic raft-floating experience in Yellowstone National Park (from CAD 69)

For those looking for an alternative and milder adventure to white-water rafting on Yellowstone River, a scenic float is an ideal option. Suitable for families with young children, this serene rafting experience takes you through two hours of gentle floating on the water past mesmerising scenery of the Gallatin and Absaroka mountains whilst listening to the informative commentary of your expert guide. There is a good chance of spotting native wildlife like Osprey birds, geese, deer or an eagle. You could also choose to go for a swim in the calmer areas of the river in this experience.

3. Full-day white-water rafting adventure on Yellowstone River (from CAD 136)

Embark on a full-day rafting adventure on the majestic Yellowstone River that will have you talking about it for years to come! After you suit up and arrive at the river, you’ll begin with 18 miles (28 km) of white-water rafting through Class II, III or IV rapids of the river interspersed with gentle floating past breathtaking views of Gallatin National Forest. Enjoy a swim and then a homemade picnic lunch halfway through. Finish off your day with an expedition through Yankee Jim Canyon.

4. Exhilarating rafting adventure through Yankee Jim Canyon (from CAD 91)

rafting in yellowstone | exhilarating rafting adventure through yankee jim canyon


For white-water rafting enthusiasts, an adventurous rafting experience shooting rapids through Yankee Jim Canyon is a must-do activity in Yellowstone National Park. After a briefing session on the shore of Yellowstone River, you will set off on an exciting session lasting two to three hours, where you will navigate through Class III and IV rapids under the instructions of your guide. Scenic views abound along the way, and an amazing experience is guaranteed on this rafting trip.

5. Fun-filled overnight rafting trip in Yellowstone National Park (from CAD 441)

Experience Yellowstone River in all its glory with an overnight rafting trip in Yellowstone National Park. Begin your trip with a scenic float on the river and take in the mesmerising views of the surrounding Montana scenery. Hit several Class III rapids and build up an appetite for a hearty lunch on the banks of the river under the shade of tall cottonwood trees. Thereafter, hit the rapids again on the narrow Yankee Jim Canyon and then gently meander on to Montana ranchland, where an inviting campsite awaits you. Have a grilled dinner and enjoy stargazing, stories, campfire and roasting marshmallows at the camp. End your trip with a good night’s sleep in comfortable tents.

6. Thrilling Gallatin River rafting adventure (from CAD 106)

Plough through the adventurous rapids of Gallatin River as you embark on a white-water rafting trip through Gallatin River Canyon near Yellowstone National Park. Providing easy access from the Old Faithful geyser and West Yellowstone area, this river-rafting experience takes you through adrenaline-packed rapids like Mad Mile, Screaming Left, etc. All rafting gear, including wetsuits and booties, are provided by the trip operator, and you will be able to navigate the rapids with the aid of a skilled guide. Scenic views on the way are a bonus feature of this trip.

7. Family-friendly rafting trip on Yellowstone River

family-friendly rafting trip on yellowstone river


On this fun-filled half-day river-rafting trip, everyone can experience the joys of rafting, including beginners and families with small children. During the two to three hours of this guided rafting trip, you get to experience white-water rapids with interesting names like Boonie’s Revenge, Man-Eater Hole, Sleeping Giant, etc. There are plenty of amazing views of the surrounding natural Montana landscapes to be admired along the way. In between the rapids, you also get a chance to spot local wildlife, take a dip in the river or simply relax in the raft.

8. Half-day white-water rafting experience (from CAD 72)

Spend a few hours rafting on Yellowstone River and get a taste of all that this river has to offer. Start off by navigating white-water rapids with cheeky names like Pumphouse, Maneater and Wake Up. Along the way, during flat stretches of water, take in the unspoiled views of Yellowstone National Park’s beauty in its mountains, wildlife and other natural scenery. During the trip, you will also see the terraced La Duke Hot Springs, Devil’s Slide and many other geological wonders of the area. You have the option to purchase pictures of your adventure at the end of the trip.

Rafting adventures in Yellowstone National Park

Besides its surreal natural beauty and diverse wildlife, Yellowstone National Park is also a popular destination for river-rafting adventures. And with our list of the best rafting options in the park, you are sure to have an exhilarating experience that will give lifetime memories.