Costa Rica Nightlife Guide


While Costa Rica is famed for adventure tours, it’s almost as equally well known for its nightlife, most especially in Playa Jaco.

1) Jaco Blu. An open-air beach bar, Jaco Blu reminds more of a Las Vegas hotspot than a seaside joint. With lively poolside parties set against the backdrop of swaying palms before ocean views, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular nightlife spots in Jaco.

2) ManCave. Blending a sports bar and a nightclub isn’t easy. But ManCave does it in style with a visual overload of TVs plastered across walls, leather furnishings to give the impression of, well, a man cave, and high-energy music that brings in the crowds. While you’re there, why not try a “Tumba Calzones.” Yes, as you may have guessed, the name of the spicy fruit beer translates to “underwear remover,” and that’s certainly been the case for some folks after downing a few at ManCave!

In Playa del Coco: By day, it’s an unassuming little beach town. At night, the center of Coco Beach comes alive to put on a pretty good showing of nightlife.

3) Zi Lounge. A bit more upscale than its neighboring haunts, Zi Lounge is one of the town’s top nocturnal spots for good reasons. They bring in a crowd with live music and DJs, with different spaces offering unique experiences. At the bar, you’ll find sports fans cheering at a bank of flat screens. Lounge seating has a VIP club vibe, while the dance floor pops off when top DJs are spinning.

4) Bar El ANCLA. To party with a beach-bar vibe, Bar El ANCLA welcomes with tables in the sand, a bar with ocean views, and iced buckets of beer to laze over as you take in the scenery. But things get going at night. Expect loud music and the crowd to get raucous as the nighttime fun ramps up.

As it was born in the bars of Playa del Coco, you probably shouldn’t leave without doing a Chiliguaro shot. Mix guaro (local sugar-cane liquor), hot sauce, lime and salt and do your best to down that spicy sucker without wincing.

In Puerto Viejo. On the eastern coast, Puerto Viejo de Limon has a much different vibe than much of the country, due to the rich cultural contributions of Afro-Costa Ricans that call the piece of Caribbean paradise home. Soft reggae floats through the air during the day, but the energy gets turned up at night.

5) Salsa Brava. Like the rest of the tiny seaside town, the club is pretty chill during daylight hours. But as it gets into the wee hours, locals hit the dance floors as DJs push a high-end sound system to maximum party mode.

6) Lazy Mon. As you can probably figure by its name, Lazy Mon can be a pretty laid back place. Cocktails at sunset is a seriously chill-inducing experience. But on weekend nights that place explodes (almost literally) with fire dancers and DJs turning out high-energy mixes of reggae beats. It’s also famous for live music, most especially during the Sunday night open jam.

Puerto Viejo is the perfect place to enjoy a Coco Loco, a popular cocktail with coconut milk and fruit juice, served in a freshly hacked coconut. While the drink did originate in Colombia, it crossed Caribbean waters to land in Costa Rica, where it got a Tico guaro-cocktail spin.

In San Jose. Chances are your visit to Costa Rica will start or finish at the capital’s airport and the city has an amazing nightlife scene.

lights and people in a nightclub in costa rica7) Club Vertigo. For a rave experience like no other, dress to impress and head to one of the town’s most vivacious scenes. Pack onto a massive dance floor under a soaring ceiling as the space positively vibrates with the energy of world-class DJs, spinning hip-hop, techno, and house on arguably Central America’s most cutting edge sound system.

So whether you base yourself near the nightlife of Jaco Beach on the Pacific side, by high energy haunts on the Caribbean or anywhere in between, your trip to Costa Rica can include revelry at some unbelievable party places.

Costa Rica Nightlife Guide!

Costa Rica lives up to its name, ‘rich coast’, with an array of magical & enriching travel experiences up its sleeve for those heading to its gorgeous shores. Pristine nature awaits you at every bend in the road on this charming country with white sand beaches, exotic wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re soaring over lush rainforests on a zipline, scaling gushing waterfalls, peeking over an active volcano or braving crazy rapids on your raft, Costa Rica promises an endless no-holds-barred adventure. As you gather pretty seashells and memories for a lifetime, make sure to simply sit back, relax and live the simple pure life (pura vida) that Costa Ricans swear by.

Those who want to live it up will be pleasantly surprised by the thriving Costa Rica nightlife that offers a range of options for nocturnal adventures! From wild beach parties to pubs, discos and romantic dinners, we’ve got it all covered with some handy Costa Rica nightlife tips for a smooth sailing.

Here are the spots for nocturnal adventures that match your day time high in this beautiful country!

The capital city offers myriad options for the best nightlife in Costa Rica, from sizzling dance clubs to stylish Irish pubs and hookah bars. Let’s check out some hot action spots in town:

1.Club Vertigo

Living up to its name, this snazzy night club will make your head spin with its terrific foot-thumping music by some of the best DJs in the country. Loaded with its brand new sound system, this popular club also hosts numerous events through the year with great techno, hip hop and house music churned by some of the best names in the business. For a taste of the sizzling Costa Rica nightlife head straight to Club Vertigo, known for hosting the hottest parties in Central America.

Location: Paseo Colón, San José, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: 10PM-6AM (Fri-Sun)

2.Castro’s Discotheque

Being the glittering jewel in the crown of Costa Rica nightlife, San Jose is home to some of the best discotheques and bars. This fun karaoke bar in the capital city promises great music and the chance to party all night with your buddies. There are separate spaces for discotheque and karaoke, coupled with delicious food and cocktails.

Location: Calle 20 11a, San José, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: 12:05PM-1AM (Mon-Wed); 6PM-3AM (Thurs-Sun)

3.Jazz Cafe

Undoubtedly one of the best places to hear live music in the country accompanied by great food and drinks, Jazz Cafe adds a lot of zing to Costa Rica nightlife. From jazz trios to salsa, reggae, latin music and rock ‘n’ roll, the live performances at the club make it so special. The wonderful atmosphere, superb food and an excellent bar add to its undeniable charm.

Location: San José Province, San Rafael, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: 6PM-12AM (Mon-Sat)

Considered one of the top places for experiencing Costa Rica nightlife, this coastal town with sandy beaches and verdant hills has some great options to choose from:

4. Le Loft

Synonymous with Jaco nightlife, Le Loft is one of the best places to have a rollicking time till the wee hours of the morning. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere great and the cool owner ensures everyone’s having a good time. The DJs set the house on fire with some awesome music to set you grooving right away. Enjoy your drink, grab a tasty bite and dance away the night at Le Loft!

Location: Costa Rica, Jaco, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: 10PM-4AM (Thurs-Mon)

5. Orange Pub

This typical Latin casual club is a great place to party with some cool music and great company. There’s a good mix of local and tourists, a nice selection of drinks, couple of pool tables and live DJ performances. The go-go dancers add to the fun quotient on weekends, while the reggae & hip hop music gets you in the groove for dancing.

Location: Pastor Diaz Ave, Puntarenas Province, Jaco, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: 8:0PM-2:30AM (Mon, Thurs-Sat)

6. Beatle Bar

This hugely popular local watering hole is a nice place for a couple of beers and some good music. The laid back pub-like atmosphere makes it a great place to unwind and have a rocking time. The service is quick, food great and the drink selection huge & inexpensive. They also have few tables and small screens for a sports bar like feel.

Location: Pastor Diaz Ave, Puntarenas Province, Jaco, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM-12AM

Nightlife In Playa Tamarindo

From romantic dinner spots and rooftop bars to cool casino and nightclubs, this pretty beachside location has some of the nicest Costa Rica nightlife spots.

7. Sharky’s Sports Bar

One of the best Costa Rica nightlife places to hang out in Tamarindo, Sharky’s has a fun vibe and great food to go along with the drinks. There are lots of events/themes almost each day including ladies’ night on Mondays to add to the fun. The friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect place to mingle with the locals, watch sporting events and enjoy delicious bar food.

Location: Avenida Central, just next door to Pacific Park, Tamarindo, 50309, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: 11:30AM-2:30AM (Thurs-Tues); 5PM-2:30AM (Wed)

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8. El Garito

The open ceiling dance floor, superb house & electronic music and a great atmosphere make El Garito the top Costa Rica nightlife spot in Tamarindo. It is a treat to shake your legs to some of the best underground house music churned be their world-class DJ’s. The bartenders do a great job and keep the drinks flowing even with such huge crowds.

Location: Centro Comercial el Punto,, Cerca de Arenas Surf and Skate, Provincia de Guanacaste, Tamarindo, 50309, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: 7PM-2:30AM (Mon-Tues; Thurs-Sat)

This quiet coastal town on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, transforms to a happening nightlife destination once the sun goes down.

9. Mango Sunset

Another open-to-the-ocean spot that offers $1 tequila and guaro shots, free cocktails for ladies on Mondays (10PM-12AM) and cool live music. Mango Sunset is the place to experience Costa Rica nightlife like the locals and experience a high like no other. The friendly crowd, great atmosphere and weekly beach barbecue make it a super place to hang out when in Puerto Viejo.

Location: Limón Province, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, 70403, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: 4PM-2:30AM (Mon-Fri)

10. The Lazy Mon

Located right on the oceanfront, this fantastic beachside bar is a great place to hang out both at day time and night hours. It’s so close to the ocean that you even take a refreshing dip between your cocktail sips! You can play pool, listen to some awesome live music (reggae & calypso bands) as well as DJ sets through the week. They have happy hours every evening and free drinks for ladies on Thursdays between 10PM and 12AM.

Location: Stanford’s on the Beach, 70403, Limón, Costa Rica
Opening Hours: 12PM-12AM (Sun-Wed); 12PM-2:30AM

Costa Rica Nightlife Tips
Though Costa Ricans love to party, weekends remain the best time to enjoy Costa Rica nightlife when most clubs and bars are active and open till late hours.

Be on the lookout for special events like discount nights and ladies’ nights at various venues to get some great deals. Lots of places also offer free cocktails for ladies on some nights.
You need to dress according to the type of bar or club you’re visiting and the weather of the city. San Jose gets cold at night so you need to put on more clothes. Nice top or dress paired with jeans or skirt and shoes/heels is always a good idea.

Some upscale places have strict dress code for men and women both. No hats, tank tops or jeans with holes at these Costa Rica nightlife places.

It’s socially acceptable for boys and girls to ask each other for a dance in a club or discotheque.

Since everyone in Costa Rica loves to dance, you can shake off your inhibitions, step on the dance floor and pick up few steps of salsa or meringue to join the party!

Just like the country itself, Costa Rica nightlife offers a melange of options and experiences to make the hours post sun down just as exciting as your day adventures in its vibrant cities. So, pack your best clothes and head to Costa Rica and have an amazing trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Costa Rica Nightlife

Q. What is Costa Rica famous for?

A. Apart from being known for producing the best coffee beans in the world, Costa Rica is also known for its amazing natural landscape, rich biodiversity and a number of interesting tourist attractions.

Q. When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

A. If you wish to enjoy dry and comfortable weather in Costa Rica, then the months between November to April is the best time to visit. But this also happens to be the peak tourist season so most of the tourist attractions are bound to be overcrowded.

Q. What is there to do in Costa Rica?

A. Things to do in Costa Rica for a memorable vacation are:
– Explore the Manuel Antonio National Park
– Go snorkeling at Manzanillo
– Enjoy horse riding
– Go hiking at Corcovado National Park
– Stroll Through Coffee Plantations of Central valley

Q. Which is the best area to enjoy nightlife in Costa Rica?

A. Some of the best areas in Costa Rica where you can enjoy nightlife are:
– Playa Tamarindo
– Playa Santa Teresa
– Dominical
– Puerto Viejo

Q. Is Costa Rica safe at night?

A. Most of the areas in Costa Rica are safe but there is a slight risk of petty crimes such as pickpocketing, mugging, etc. So it’s best that you take the necessary precautions.

Q. Are there dress codes for nightclubs in Costa Rica?

A. Not every nightclub requires you to follow a dress code. However, there are certain places that will require you to dress up in a certain way. As a common rule, try to avoid hats, shorts, tank tops (for men), pants with holes, and tennis shoes.